About Me

Malcolm Mathieson HFAIPP, FSWPP, Master Photographer, ANZIPP

Malcolm, a distinguished Australian portrait photographer, accepts limited commissions for family portraits and exhibitions. With prestigious awards, including Master of Photography, AIPP, and Honorary Fellow AIPP, he’s an icon in his field. Passionate and intuitive, Malcolm captures the essence of people, believing a photo should be a window into their world. Over 40 years, he’s documented families’ lives, exhibited, and published his work. After 11 years of global work for children’s causes, he’s back in East Gippsland, his home region.

My Portraiture

Family Portraits

Step into a world where every frame tells a story, where smiles, laughter, and tears are frozen in time. This exhibition of family portraits captures the essence of love, connection, and generations intertwined. Each photograph is a window into the soul of a family, showcasing moments of joy, milestones celebrated, and bonds that transcend time. It’s a celebration of the ordinary moments that make life extraordinary, reminding us of the power of family and the beauty found in the everyday. 

Motherhood Portraits

Embark on the magical journey of motherhood with professional pregnancy photography. Let your story unfold through timeless images, capturing the essence of light and shadow. Preserve the beauty of this transformative experience and celebrate life’s beginning

Studio Portraiture


Step into my home portrait photography studio! With five decades of capturing people, I believe Studio Portraiture remains eternally captivating. Specializing in distinctive portraits, I highlight your personality, style, and character. Whether it’s a family portrait, a professional headshot, or a boudoir session celebrating you, my studio caters to all. I’m dedicated to crafting unforgettable experiences and delivering enduring, high-quality images for your lasting enjoyment.


My Portrait Studio captures the unique personalities of your furry companions. Whether it’s the playful antics of your pup, the regal poise of your cat, or the wisdom of your senior pet, each session is tailored to showcase their true character. Unforgettable experiences and enduring, high-quality images await you.

Environmental Portraiture

My environmental portraits tell stories through images. Capturing people in their living, working, resting, or playing spaces, the environment reveals who they are and what they’re passionate about. As a visual storyteller, I rely on these settings to convey narratives without words, ensuring authentic and comfortable portrayals of subjects in familiar and beloved environments.

Prices and Discounts

Photography Session Cost

Secure your session with a $25 non-refundable fee, donated to a cause of your choice like Bairnsdale Neighbourhood House, Animal Aid, Fred Hollows Foundation, or Doctors Without Borders. This fee, separate from print costs, supports Malcolm’s time and the online gallery creation. Enjoy the flexibility to choose prints without pressure, ensuring your investment makes a difference in our world.

Preserving The Artistry

In a digital era, I prioritize preserving photographic artistry. Opting for prints over digital files ensures meticulous attention to detail, color accuracy, and overall quality. Photography is more than capturing moments—it’s about crafting an immersive experience. Prints foster a tangible and lasting connection with each image. I value your understanding of this approach and am open to discussing your preferences for a customized experience aligned with your wishes.
Approve your images for exhibition = 50% discount. Do not approve your images for exhibition, order within 30 days = 25% off.
PRINT ONLY A2 420 x 594mm $390.00 
READY TO FRAME A3 297 x 420 mm 11.7 x 16.5 in $310.00 
READY TO FRAME Desktop Size 130 x 180mm (5 x 7 in) $95.00 
READY TO FRAME A4 210 x 297 mm (8.3 x 11.7 in) $190.00 
A3 WHITE FRAMED Fine Art Print Frame is 410 x 510mm to hold A3 Print (297 x 420mm) $410.00 
A3 BLACK FRAMED Fine Art Print Frame is 410 x 510mm to hold A3 Print (297 x 420mm) $410.00 
A3 LIGHT TIMBER FRAMED Fine Art Print Frame is 410 x 510mm to hold A3 Print (297 x 420mm) $410.00
A4 WHITE FRAMED Fine Art Print Frame is 290 x 420mm to hold A4 Print (210 x 290mm $270.00 
A4 BLACK FRAMED Fine Art Print Frame is 290 x 420mm to hold A4 Print (210 x 290mm $270.00 
A4 LIGHT TIMBER FRAMED Fine Art Print Frame is 290 x 420mm to hold A4 Print (210 x 290mm $270.00
I can create metal glass and canvas wall decor and albums individually designed just for you.  Please ask for a custom quote.

My Exhibition Photos

Malcolm’s next Exhibitions will include subjects that fit into the following categories: Tradies, Tattoos, Siblings, Couples, Dogs and Owners.  To be included please contact Malcolm by email you can CLICK HERE or give him a call on 0418 461 941.  The prints go on display in Paper Chase Cafe in Bairnsdale and should you want to purchase a fine art print you get them for half price!

Neighbourhood House 3

Volunteers play a vital role in our community, supporting various organisations, including the Bairnsdale Neighbourhood House. Neighbourhood Houses foster strong, independent communities, promoting thriving rather than mere survival.

The Bairnsdale Neighbourhood House is a collaborative effort involving individuals, neighbours, government, and private enterprise, driven by initiative and effective management. Integral to community life, Neighbourhood Houses provide social integration and a sense of belonging.

People from Prachuap Khiri Khan

Malcolm’s second home in recent times is a sleepy seaside town in southern Thailand.  Prachuap Khiri Khan is a delightfully relaxed place. Yet to be discovered by Tourism the broad bay is a tropical turquoise punctuated by bobbing fishing boats and overlooked by honeycombed limestone mountains but it’s the people who are the best part of any town.


Capturing the vibrant spirit of the Mitchell River Probus Club members in a portrait exhibition was a delightful experience. As retirees living life to the fullest, Probus offers a global network fostering social connections for retirees. Join the thriving community in Australia and New Zealand, discovering new friendships, skills, and interests. Mitchell River Probus Club welcomes you every third Wednesday at 10 am, Club Eastwood. Contact us at bairnsdalemitchellriverprobus@gmail.com and embrace the Probus philosophy of Fun, Friendship, and Fellowship.

Peddling North

At 66, facing a hip joint replacement, I embarked on a solo bicycle journey, uncertain of how far I’d go. The solitude granted time for profound reflections on life’s essentials, the state of our planet, and the simplicity and happiness found in the poorest and rural communities. In Thailand, village life exemplified mutual support and respect. On-land costs averaged $51.88/day for accommodation, food, and transport. Rejecting the tourist label, I cherish the journey, not just the destination. Life’s brevity discourages dwelling in “If Only Land” – risks are worth the incredible opportunities seized.


Maya, my wife and partner of over two decades, is an identical twin, a result of a single fertilized egg splitting. Twins, sharing near-identical DNA, grow up together, creating a unique bond through shared experiences. My diverse twin portraits aim to capture this special connection, showcasing various ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds. Studio portraits offer timeless, classic looks, highlighting the enduring bond that combines love, friendship, and shared history. While twins share a unique connection, it’s crucial to recognize their individuality, distinct personalities, interests, and experiences.


As the eldest of three brothers, I treasure the special bond we share. Photographing siblings for this project was a rewarding experience, capturing their unique connections and individual personalities. My chosen group portraits showcase diverse siblings, aiming for representation across ages, ethnicities, genders, and backgrounds. These studio portraits offer timeless and classic looks, transcending trends, and ensuring lasting visual appeal. Siblings are special—they share a unique bond of love, friendship, shared history, and support, shaping each other’s lives and providing a profound sense of connection and belonging


Cycling embodies freedom for me – a pedal-powered escape promoting a healthier lifestyle. While cars may offer speed, a bicycle surpasses in distance, allowing the possibility of a global journey. Introduced in the 19th century, bicycles now number a billion worldwide, serving as principal transportation, particularly in densely populated European cities. The benefits include exercise, easy parking, enhanced maneuverability, and access to diverse terrains. Cycling also promotes health, reducing the risk of prevalent sedentary lifestyle diseases. Beyond practicality, cycling is pure fun, whether embarking on epic journeys or enjoying group rides. Mountain bikes and folding bikes have opened doors to new perspectives and connections that a car or bus couldn’t offer. As Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wisely said, “Just mount a bicycle and go out for a spin down the road, without thought on anything but the ride you are taking.”


Capturing this series of images showcasing the unique beauty of redheads brings back memories of my very first girlfriend 50 years ago, a fellow redhead from Bairnsdale High School. Often teased and misunderstood, the 4% with the redhead gene face historical prejudices. Remarkably, redheads can be found in any race, and their uniqueness extends beyond hair color, including higher chances of being left-handed. Red hair also defies aging, and redheads may experience heightened sensitivity to pain, a trait linked to the gene mutation causing their distinctive hair color. As Mark Twain aptly put it, “While the rest of the planet is descended from apes, redheads are descended from cats. We’re a little mysterious and hard to pin down.”


Over 5 years ago, Australians embraced marriage equality. Yet, discrimination persists in schools, workplaces, and services. Violence against LGBTQ+ individuals continues, with opponents shifting focus to trans and gender-diverse people. Despite challenges, almost 18,000 same-sex couples, or 36,000 individuals, have married since the historic vote. Having worked with and befriended members of the LGBTQ+ community, I celebrate their diversity through these images, showcasing some local figures.


Skateboarding emerged in the late 1940s, born out of surfer’s desire for activity on flat waves. Evolving into a global action sport, it boasts over 11 million participants and debuted in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. As a photographer, my goal was to capture skateboarders’ personalities in portraits, breaking from traditional action shots. See for yourself if I achieved this aim.


“Music unites, conveying messages through musicians as messengers,” says Roy Ayers. Music’s universal impact ranges from joy to cultural bonding. Musicians, like all artists, offer unique perspectives. In these portraits, music is a passion, love, and lifelong obsession. Much like photography, musical experience is subjective, with no standard measure of skill or success. Creativity connects us all, creating diverse interpretations. As Ted Grant notes, “When you photograph people in black and white, you photograph their souls!”

The Bearded Man

Beards are back!

Today’s beard resurgence is more than a fashion trend; it symbolizes individualism and cultural defiance. As norms crumble, beards become bold expressions of leadership and freedom. Embracing masculinity goes beyond stereotypes, allowing diverse styles to flourish. Beards, rooted in biological and cultural history, redefine manhood. Surveys reveal women find full-bearded men older, more respected, powerful, and of higher status, reinforcing the primal allure of beards.

East Gippsland Shire Councillors

In our beautiful region, local governance is crucial for economic, social, and cultural development. The nine elected Councillors of East Gippsland Shire, alongside the Chief Executive Officer, dedicate countless hours and navigate diverse interests for the community’s wellbeing. Despite the challenges, their efforts aim to enhance East Gippsland as an even better place to live, work, and play. These portraits offer a glimpse into the lives of those making a difference.

Bairnsdale Neighbourhood House

Our Neighbourhood House thrives on volunteers fostering community support. A vital hub for all ages, Bairnsdale Neighbourhood House is a collaborative effort, linking individuals, neighbors, government, and private enterprise. Rooted in initiative and effective management, it offers diverse programs, fostering social integration and a sense of belonging for everyone from young children to those in their ninth decade.

Cebu, Philippines

Cebu City in the Philippines like so many places exhibits both wealth and poverty, here in the poor area the locals squat on land, building houses on stilts over the water.  In the monsoon rains and inevitable floods they lose their makeshift homes and lives to the elements yet smile as you walk through the area.  One can only have respect for people who see the injustice of wealth and corruption around them yet get in with the simple pleasures of family, friends and faith.

Manila, Capital City of the Philippines

One night and a walk down a laneway opposite my hotel these are the people of the lane.  Asian cities are wonderful and the people even more so, no matter how tough life is they have a smile and welcome you into their world.

Semyonovka a Russian Orphanage

Situated an overnight train ride from Moscow is the city of Yoahkar-Ola and an Orphanage of disabled children.  Loved and well cared for Malcolm was a guest for six weeks one winter to try and record the loneliness, love and people.